At EKOMODO we are committed to providing our customers with products of excellence, and with a uniqueness that allows them to express their personality and own style. At the same time, we always try to do this with the most absolute respect for the environment.

To guarantee these values, EKOMODO has opened an internal project to implement the ISO 14006 ecodesign standard, which allows us to offer extra value in our projects. This certification will allow the acquisition of greater knowledge of the environmental impacts of the projects and products they provide and will promote improvement actions to minimize them.

Therefore, EKOMODO projects may incorporate measures in the design phase to reduce their environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of the product. This could translate into energy savings in assembly, choice of more sustainable materials, more efficient transportation of goods or other aspects that are identified throughout the process.

Therefore, EKOMODO is committed to:

• Offer and propose to its clients the most appropriate environmental improvements for each project, without ever forgetting other aspects of the project's quality.

• Identify and guarantee compliance with possible legal requirements that may apply to your products, as well as other customer requirements and that are related to the environmental aspects of the projects.

• Promote communication with all agents in the project's value chain, facilitating the identification of environmental aspects and the modification of the project as appropriate.

• Design projects that require the most rational use of natural resources at all stages of the product life cycle (from design to disposal) and continuous improvement thereof.

• Seek continuous improvement of the ecodesign process and minimization of environmental impacts after each project.

• Promote design innovation internally and externally, seeking new materials and shapes that allow minimizing the environmental aspects of the project.

In Donostia, January 9, 2023

EKOMODO Management

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