How did it all start?

Hey! We are EKOMODO, a Basque brand born out of... garbage.

Back in 2017, in a small town in the North of Spain, our founders met at a PET plastic recycling factory (used for traditional bottles), a benchmark in the circular economy at a European level... and together, they decided to launch a project with a very clear mission:

To make recycled and sustainable products something cool, useful and quality, that people want to carry and use in their daily lives.

In short: to ensure that sustainability stops being an exception and becomes the norm.

Processes and materials

Our products are made under 3 basic principles:


We manufacture locally, with local raw materials and with close suppliers.


We work under the principles of ecodesign and circular economy, minimizing waste and using 100% recycled and recyclable materials.


We involve people from groups at risk of exclusion in the making, through collaboration with social workshops.

Awards and honours

National Young Entrepreneur Award 2021 - Sustainability and Social Commitment

Go!ODS 2020

European Social Innovation Awards 2019

101 Empresas #PorElClima

European Environment Awards for companies 2017/2018

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